Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how I approach design and product challenges.

Dashboard for Startup Businesses

I built Fundera’s first signed-in home experience for small business owners. This was a long-term, iterative project that will be the foundation for a signed-in experience for all Fundera customers and makes huge progress towards expanding our value as not just a loan marketplace, but a true digital finance partner.


401(k) Pricing Calculator

I built an interactive pricing calculator for Betterment's 401(k) platform that allowed potential customers to both see a transparent price quote and compare our pricing to other providers in the 401(k) space.


Advisor Matching Service

I created a system of workflows to match up Betterment's individual customers with investment advisor partners. This project spanned the end-to-end experience including customer- and advisor-facing tools and all commmunication touchpoints.


Home Page Testing

I designed a series of tests on Betterment's home page to increase interest in our new financial expert services and to entice visitors to sign up for these services.


Product Leadership for B2B Teams

I created a product-inspired process to help B2B teams at Betterment collaborate smoothly. My job was to encourage communication and good product strategy in a marketing-heavy role.