About Me

I’m looking for an opportunity where I can help figure out what design and user experience means to an organization, its products, and its team.

I’m a designer, a problem solver, a collaborator, and a leader. Let’s work together.

The Betterment design team at work

Betterment's design team at work. That's me on the left.

What I Do

I’m most recently at Fundera, where I am working on the first digital finance platform for 20k new business owners. I am leading design for a cross-functional team that is pioneering user conversion at the same time as doubling revenue for new product markets.

I was previously at Betterment, where I helped to design and build a better financial experience from the ground up. I’ve helped the team grow from 12 to over 200, and contributed to growing customers from 10,000 to over 250,000.

An early team photo

An early Betterment team photo. We've come a long way!

Design Director

I build and lead design teams that create holistic experiences. I built and led Betterment’s first team of 4 designers. I also led design for two different business lines simultaneously, managing process and creative between stakeholders, and acquiring thousands of clients.

Design System Lead

I pioneered what a shared design system means to Betterment – growing it from a simple color library to managing 200+ components and 30 contributors, most recently powering an entire rebrand project in 6 weeks.

Product Designer

I lead day-to-day product design on an agile team building new features. I am involved in roadmapping, strategy, and research, and I drive execution – from experience and visual design to collaborating with engineers.

Research Specialist

I design and manage research to dig into user behavior, from field studies to usability. I’m an expert at identifying patterns in how users think and insights in how they feel and turning them into actionable product goals.

Software Engineer

I built features end-to-end across all Betterment applications, from front- end apps to internal tools. I managed all WordPress environments and contributed on code reviews, deployments, and infrastructure.

Me, working away

A typical day of work. Definitely not trying to ignore the photographer.

What Drives Me

Solving Problems

I’m curious, ambitious, and passionate. I’m all about diving in head first to a tough challenge, and learning everything I can to help me come up with a solution.


I believe that people working together can change the world. I want to build teams where people can contribute and learn from each other with passion and respect.

Missions That Matter

I want to work with people who have seen a real problem and are motivated to fix it. I know that technology can help build a better future for both a product’s people and the world.


Diverse groups are more innovative and create a culture that is more productive and inclusive. I’m constantly working to build teams where different voices can build better products.


People who are happy and having fun do better work. Users who enjoy their experience are loyal and have trust in the product. I love finding and creating those moments of joy.

Betterment Pride

The Betterment team celebrates Pride (featuring shirts I designed!)